Psychologist or Internet Marketer???

Why should you continue reading this page, this Blog or anything I have to say?

Am I a rags to riches guy who now has 3 Ferrari’s, 2 houses and makes over 100k per month and will show you how you can too by simply copying & pasting a PDF which I will give to you for $7.95?

Unfortunately (or fortunately – as you will understand) I’m not that guy… Sorry to eventually disappoint!

My “Big Picture” for this blog is to test and review the latest gimmicks, tricks and tactics in the internet marketing world.

I’d like to present you what works and what doesn’t.

Let me wade through all the slime and weed out the excellent from the garbage…

I’m going to do it anyway as I will find that 1 golden nugget.

I will document my results right here so if you’re interested in saving you’re time & money by letting me do the ground work then please subscribe and follow my journey.

As you know, there are hundreds of thousands of strategies out there and there’s more & more new ones coming out every day, most of them all filling you with the same promises.

If you’re anything like me you will have bought at least A FEW of these methods, tested them only to find… that they don’t work.

You get sucked into the next method as the theory looks realistic and the results look amazing.

You try it for a few days and find that you may actually be losing money on additional costs (paid traffic, hosting etc).

By now you’re pretty fed up with the whole system and actually start to doubt that anyone (apart from the guru’s) can actually make any money online.

That’s what I think anyway and I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone with my opinion….

Yet I’m curious, I have had moderate success in the past online and I know other people are doing thisand being very successful.

And I want to know how!!!

So here is my story

For the last two years I have been deeply rooted in the world of internet marketing.

After studying, practicing, and cracking the code on what it takes to prosper within this industry, I am now supporting and guiding others to become the best internet marketers that they can be.

Whether you are a newbie, aspire to work from home, want to gain more revenue, or in the middle of transitioning as we speak, my goal is to make you successful.

But let’s back up a bit:

Internet marketing was not always on my radar.

In fact, I am that guy who went from being a professional Military Psychologist to an Internet Marketer.

Some may think that I am crazy for making such a drastic career change, and to an extent that just might be true, but hear me out. You only get so much time here on this earth, so you should never waste it on not being happy.

This is what keeps that fire ignited in me, and I want to help you reach this euphoric level too.

The beginning of my story starts with attending The Royal Military Academy in Bruxelles, Belgium, then earning a Social Psychology degree at the Free University of Bruxelles.

Upon graduation, I held several roles within the military, as an Officer including:

– Recce Platoon Commander
– Press Officer
– Company Commander
– Chief Mental Readiness Advisor
– applicant screening Chief Psychologist
– Psycho-social Platform Coordinator (Belgian Defense)
– Psychologist Advisor to the Chief of Human Resources

up until I retired in 2013.

During this reign, I also belonged to a NATO working group in Human Factor Medicine dealing with Combat Stress as well.

Mental health, wellbeing, and Respect have always be my main concerns. This played definitely a great role in my success as a teacher, a team leader, and in my communication skills as a Psychologist.

After retiring from the military, I began a private hypnotherapist office in 2013, belonging to the NGH.

But as the years rolled around, my interests began shifting.

I took a strong interest in internet marketing and started to really dive deep into what it was all about.

I took courses from well known, top-notch marketers from the UK and the US, even traveling to London and Coventry to obtain in-person education from them.

In addition, I invested in piles of meter high books, some of which were written in the 50s. Many were helpful, some were outdated, but I summarized pieces of each and formulated my own path based on the research and trends that I was seeing.

And this underlying knowledge is what I want to share with you.

To Your Awesome Best Succes,

Vincent Musschoot

The truth is that internet marketing can be tough to master, and that is okay.

The good things in life never come easy, right?

But you do not have to walk this journey on your own.

I am dedicated to being a quality resource to help you thrive on your new aspirations and discover how much potential you can reach in this industry.

With me on your side, there will be no sugar coating, no false hopes, and no unkept promises; only transparency, truthful advice, and honesty.

So, if you are ready to begin and desire to have the best shot at making a name for yourself in internet marketing, you have come to the right place.

Let’s get started.